KAOPOLITE 1100 a calcined aluminum silicate, imparts very mild polishing properties to a wide range of formulated products with superior gloss enhancement without contributing to haze or residue. It has an ultrafine particle size and disperses easily in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. KAOPOLITE 1100 has a very low degree of polishing action, which makes it ideal for use in automotive polishes.

Auto Care

Cars are constantly bombarded with grit, grime, tar, oil, brake dust, acid rain deposits and other airborne pollutants. These contaminants embed into the paint or clear coat. They will then oxidize, and then ruse will develop.

Kaopolite Kaolins offer a diverse spectrum of products covering a broad range of overall hardness to meet the needs of various polishing applications. Kaopolite Kaolins’ unique aggregated amorphous structures, inherent inertness, and controlled particle size distributions acts by gently pulling out the grit, grim and various other pollutants to keep the paint or clear coat healthy and vibrant.

KAOPOLITE 1100 micrograph


  • Automotive, metal, plastic, and household polishes
  • Dentifrices
  • Fine lapping compounds
  • Plastic Polishes
  • Coating systems
  • Polymer systems
  • Cleaners and polishes
  • Ceramic polishes
  • Aggressive cleaning compounds


  • Natural, non-abrasive Surface preparation
  • Acts as a cleaning aid level
  • Smooths and cleans out surface


  • The larger and less uniform particle size the greater the cleaning ability