Kaopolite Incorporated is committed to investing in new products, processes, technology, and people to continue to be a market leader. Our goal is to offer our customers value-added products that maximize the performance of your products and formulations and deliver these products through sustainable business practices.

Mined in the USA

We mine our speciality engineered kaolin from our mine in Sandersville in the USA, we use the highest quality reserves and we have secured these resources to ensure the longevity of our assets and to further strengthen our ability to meet our industries long-term requirements.

Our product and application development laboratories in the USA  are well equipped and staffed to meet the technical requests of our customers.


Natural Compositions

Due to the natural composition of Kaolin combined with Kaopolite Incorporated rigorous quality control procedures in place at every step of our processes, this makes kaolin an essential and consistent naturally occurring raw material, ensuring that it reaches our customers’ in perfect condition and on time.