About Us

Kaopolite® Kaolins are a naturally occurring speciality engineered kaolin range of products, which are processed to complement our customers’ production processes in the Auto Care and Hard surface cleaning industries. Our range of products can improve the performance of our customers’ products and with our unique knowledge of mineral technology and unrivaled depth of application expertise we can offer tailor-made solutions for each of the markets that we serve.

Because we realize every customer is unique we believe they deserve a unique solution. Allow our team of highly experienced technical specialists to select the most suitable grade and solutions to improve the formulations of your products to enhance your end applications.

We are proud members of the EPA “Safer choice” label, you will notice the symbol features on our literature and technical data sheets.    The goal of the Safer Choice label is to help customers easily find products that have been reviewed by EPA scientists and found to be safer for families and the environment. Products certified by the program can not include ingredients that are associated with cancer or reproductive harm,  The products are also required to be non-toxic to fish and other aquatic life, since so many of these chemicals eventually end up in waterways. All Safer Choice products are required to include accurate ingredient statements and meet a number of sustainability standards.

Contact us at inquiries@kaopolite.com to discuss how your company can benefit from the use of our speciality engineered Kaopolite Kaolin range.